Fifi Venezia launched in 2015 by Kim Fox And Lynn Pyle, two friends based in Newport Beach, California. The style is based off the traditional 'Venetian Velvet Slipper' of Venice. The name FIFI VENEZIA is inspired by Kim’s grandmother and her lifestyle.

FIFI VENEZIA is handmade in Italy. Currently offered in two styles, the ‘Canal’ shoe and the ‘Gritti’ shoe, made of beautiful cotton velvets. The techniques and materials used are of centuries old craft tradition. The Venetians, poverty stricken, would take bicycle tires, cut soles and sew fabric on top to create shoes. The shoe evolved into a work of art. FIFI deals with authentic Venetian craftsman specific to the region. FIFI VENEZIA mixes old world charm with a true sense of style and versatility.

Stocked at A'maree's in Newport Beach and other fine retailers, FIFI VENEZIA is the shoe for the woman looking for comfort and chic sophistication.